hildren in their Early Childhood are in their ‘golden age’ for learning. Our Leaders Curriculum© is designed with care to ensure children enjoy a holistic development and that their learning during this ‘golden age’ is maximised.

Our curriculum is aimed at enabling children to be intellectually, morally and spiritually rich. The curriculum encourages entrepreneurial learning and aims at developing leadership skills and qualities. By following a Montessori Methods of teaching as well Howard Gardner 8 intelligences theories and other best practices we strive to provide maximum learning outcome for children during their windows of opportunity phase.

Kids Republic has the Primary Academic Curriculum (PAC) studies that are concentrated in English and Mathematics to prepare the entrance for national/international primary school.

Leaders Curriculum has “7 Areas of Learning” that consist of the following subjects;



Each learning area will be presented to the students through modules and subjects such as playtime, circle time, Montessori, enrichments subjects, thematic activity, and also through extra curricular activities.

The varieties of ways to present materials are meant to stimulate learning through fun and joyful way. We believe that learning through play and sensory stimulations is the most effective method of learning for early childhood